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"Welshes ♥"

  • Currently: I'm back after forever away!!
  • Studs/Sales: Link to my sale/stud forum topic: Click Here!
  • Art Comissions: Link to my art commissions: Clicky!
  • Breeding goals: I breed Welshes for color, high stats, low nss, and conformation. I show those with low nss and each horse is in the discipline best suited to them.
  • Naming: My Welshes have Latin names. The DFW in front of their name is an acronym for my username.
  • Divisions: My Division is Latin, the name translating to "On Wings We Fly".
  • Feel free to message me at any time.

Account Information
Member Name DarkFoldedWings
Member ID 108374
Account Type Deluxe (107 days left)
Joined January 9, 2017
Last Active 2020-03-27 19:41:33
Member Information
Money on Hand $31,715
Money in Bank $3,540,051
Player Level 13
Horses 67 / 80

Player Points
Yesterday 9442
This Week 58848
This Month 171774
All Time 709278
Show Winnings
Yesterday $6,380
This Week $27,370
This Month $55,621
All Time $246,506

Member Level
Level 13 Experience 90507 (24%) EXP Required 366900 EXP Left 276393

DarkFoldedWings's Horse Divisions
Foundation Quarters 45 horses
Trained today
Nos Volavit In Pinnis 20 horses
Trained today
Unassigned Horses 2 horses

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