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Here at Crimsion Ridge or CR we specialize in breeding grey throughbreds with high stats, each horse here is breed 3 times at the ages of 18(ages tomorrow), 19(ages tomorrow) and 20(ages tomorrow) to ensure the best stats and hopefully enough colts and fillies to pair up. The horses are put in both riding school and shows as well as trained and treated on a daily. 

Any left over foals that dont get paired up will be put up for sale until the age of 3, if not sold by the age of 3 years they will be culled.

For the first 2 generations, foundation horses will be incorapted into the lines. After the first 2 generations outside lines will be added in.

In the future we may add more breeds to work with but in the mean time we will be focusing on building up our thorughbred herd.

I'm Zephyr formally known as Malveaux, Koda and Koda the wolf. My pronouns are Them/they, Im 21 with my birthday being January 14th. I'm a capricorn which I dont think I'm like them at all, I'm the youngest of 4 and the go to for baby sitting. Of course I dont do anything for free so they be paying me, I need that money as much as they do. I own 2 weird cats but I'm pretty sure all cats are weird. I own tons of charcters, I love them all and will probably never get rid of any of them. I draw in my spare time and enjoy watching whatever I can find on Hulu. I'm not a huge reader and only own 2 books 'santinic bible' read multiple times and 'classic horror stories' had for like 2 years and not even half way through it, movies on the other hand I've lost count how many I own. I love settling down to watch a good movie, I listen to a variety of different genres of music but not a huge fan of rap or country music. And I dont think theres anything that needs to be said, my messages are open if anyone wants to talk although I dont click with alot of people. 

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