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-- About Me --

The name is Hayley. I am 25 years old from the US. I live with my fiancé and my dog CINCH . I graduated university in 2016 with a B.S. in Biological Science. I used to work as a lab tech at a large brewery, but we currently move around a lot for my fiancés job, so I stay home with the puppy. I love photography, I have a tattoo, and I enjoy going on adventures with my fiancé and Cinch. I've been on EV for a little over a year, and I have loved every minute of it.

At the moment I breed a little bit of everything, though I may be thinning out the amount of horses I own very soon, so that I can focus on a few breeds and not feel so overwhelmed. I don't sell super often, but you're more than welcome to ask.

-- Horses --

Currently all my lines are private and no foals will be sold. I may eventually decide to stud/brood out for one or two private breedings. All horses are bred 3-4 times. the best 1-2 are kept and the others are currently culled.

Welsh Ponies

At the moment, these are my main focus. I have one group of second generation foals, and a group of foundations. These two groups eventually will be mixed together.

Paint Horses

I have a show jumping group and a western group. Both have a big focus on color with stats being "secondary". 

Quarter Horses

I have two western groups right now. One is in the foundation stage, and one is second generation. I have a few show jumping quarters in a random lock folder right now.


I consider this a secondary breeding group. My main goal is color, though they are being bred for stats too. They won't be bred until 18-20 depending on how many foals I decide to go for


Another secondary group. My main goal is to get rid of sabino, and get more chestnut 

Gypsy Vanners

I have two groups of these. One is completely a color project as somehow their non-spec stats got too high and they fail at shows. They already have the first foal group. Another set I haven't really worked with, but will be focused on both color and stats when I decide to work more with them

-- Notes and Misc. --

I have an art pass from Sessa4Hawke



















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