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"Green with Envy >:D"

-Art Information-

Commissions; open/Closed
  Re-colours of past sales - 200k
  Designs - 250k - 500k
  Ref/ Revamps - 500k - 800k
  Custom Tags - 1 Mil
  Custom Signatures - 1.5 Mil
  Lineart - 800k
  Bases - 500k - 800k
  Digital Paintings - 3 Mil - 5 Mil
  I do accept EVC - 100k = 1 EVC
  PM me for more details.


All current art will take a little while to complete at the moment since it's the week before Christmas and it get's really busy around these times, however I will aim to have them finished as soon as possible! If you have any questions shoot me a PM c:


As of now my aim is to breed solid black clydesdales, i'm starting to venture out into solid chestnut clydesdales however that is not my priority. I'm also aiming to get base stats 400+ and a conformation of 60+.
Here's a little explanation of the code in the names.
'+' - Solid Black
'C' - Solid Chestnut
[bb] - Black
[BB] - Bay
[CC] - Chestnut
[Sb] - Minimal Sabino
[SBsb] - Maximum Sabino

-About Me-

Hey, My names Georgia but you can call me Altair c:
I live in the UK but i am up at all times, I own 2 Dogs, both English springer's, named Cooper and Dexter. I enjoy drawing [sometimes]. I used to ride quite often but haven't had much time for it recently, i'm currently looking at an equine course at a local college so that might get me somewhere?? who knows. Other than i'm here to collect more hoards of characters and then art for said characters and look after my digital pons c: If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me i'll try to respond as soon as i can other than that if you have any questions regarding myself, ponies or art send me a message c:



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Altair's Horse Divisions
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