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"Feels good to be single again!"

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My name is Kendall. I am 25 years old and come from New Zealand where I work on a Thoroughbred stud. I also work part-time for a Thoroughbred marketing company, and do equine photography for fun.

I own two horses of my own - a 17yo TB/sporthorse cross mare named Kaydee, and a 6yo miniature horse mare named Stella.

I also have shares in a 3yo racehorse named Chouxs Wisely (Jimmy Choux ex Purpose, by Falkirk) who so far has had one race for a good fourth placing.

Of course, I'm a massive fan of horse racing. I follow New Zealand racing mostly, but also Australian, Singapore, and Hong Kong racing as part of my second job.

I am an open lesbian. I came out when I was 23 :)

I'm a moderator on Ponybox (have been since 2012) and also play Equination. So hit me up if you play either of those :)



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About My Barn

It was kind of a mess when I came back because I was playing around with a heap of different breeds before quitting for a while. But now I've sorted it out and decided to focus on several different breeds for different reasons.

I've got a bunch of Quarter Horses and various breeds purchased for fun or rescued from the RC for showing.

Project pair

Holliday and Revenant

I also have individual breed projects from the store:

Quarter Horse Project


Thoroughbred Project

Showing/stats. Breed out the grey.

Miniature Horse Project

Colour, confo, showing/stats.

Lippizaner Project

Confo, showing/stats. Breed out the grey.

Walker Project

Colour, confo, showing/stats, with "walk" in the name.

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Valkyrie's Horse Divisions
Coalfield Shetlands (1ST GEN) 14 horses
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Moydrum Minis (1ST GEN) 12 horses
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Moydrum Minis (2ND GEN) 12 horses
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Quarter Horses 47 horses
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Quarter Horses (1ST GEN) 13 horses
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Quarter Horses (2ND GEN) 16 horses
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Rescue Centre Projects 5 horses
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SALE 6 horses
Not trained today
Show String (MISC) 15 horses
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Sprogs (MISC) 18 horses
Trained today
Thoroughbreds (1ST GEN) 10 horses
Not trained today
Thoroughbreds (2ND GEN) 16 horses
Not trained today
Walkers (1ST GEN) 10 horses
Trained today
Walkers (2ND GEN) 10 horses
Trained today

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