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custom horses
I've been making a lot of custom horses lately. Just to keep track of what I made and to show them off, I'm going to list them here. (:

Letters in the Sand
Raising Hell
Bad Moon Rising

His Dark Materials
Paradise Lost

Devils and Dust
Devil Wears Prada

[d] Dressage - Agi + Int
[dr] Driving - End + Str
[e] Endurance - End + Int
[r] Racing - End + Spd
[sj] Jumping - Agi + Spd
[w] Western - Int + Spd

Agility - Yellow Apple
Endurance - Turnip
Intelligence - Green Apple
Speed - Carrot
Strength - Red Apple

Agility - D, SJ
Endurance - Dr, E, R
Intelligence - D, E, W
Speed - SJ, R, W
Strength - Dr
box one title

I'm currently on hiatus. I played until the school semester got busy, and now I'll probably have to wait until the semester is over before I officially return. I will occasionally be checking in to look at news and messages. (:

Hello! I'm Wicked, and I've been playing since August 3, 2016. I'm a twenty-six year old female living in California. It's been awhile since I've ridden real horses, but I'm an avid horse sim player. I joined Equiverse because the artwork for the horses is the best I've ever come across on a horse game before. It's totally amazing.

I'm fickle when it comes to liking/disliking breeds, but the ones that have stuck so far are Trakehners, Quarter Horses, and Chincoteagues. I love the overall design of the Trakehners and Chincoteagues especially, and I love the color variety in the Chincoteagues and Quarter Horses. I've been recently considering trying out another breed or two, but can't decide which ones! (:

Sorry, but I do not do commissions. I love making layouts, but only on my own terms. I find that when I take on commissions I don't enjoy it as much, and I don't like having to feel like someone is waiting for me to be done. Therefore I'm only doing premade layouts, which I will either sell or auction off in the forums. By doing premades, I can pick my own themes/colors and I can work on them whenever I have time and feel like it. But all this being said, nothing is set in stone. I get a lot of requests for commissions, so I might auction off a commission slot or two soon.

In the mean time, I'll try and post active sales here for people to see.

Current Layout Sales
Auction ending 1/16

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