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Trabuco Canyon

"Life is Good!"

Striving to produce Driving Lippizaners of Beauty and Grace

Horses in the Sales Holding Pen are for sale, make an offer!

Visit my other ranch, Rancho SoCal, where I have Dressage Andalusians

Account Information
Member Name Trabuco Canyon
Account Type Deluxe (241 days left)
Joined July 31, 2016
Last Active 2019-02-23 14:30:27
Member Information
Money on Hand $7,453
Money in Bank $16,410,675
Player Level 30
Horses 186 / 420

Player Points
Yesterday 11152
This Week 11152
This Month 144540
All Time 15272728
Show Winnings
Yesterday $7,979
This Week $7,979
This Month $84,537
All Time $8,753,972

Member Level
Level 30 Experience 5092127 (100%) EXP Required 3339605 EXP Left -1752522

Trabuco Canyon's Horse Divisions
1. Driving Regional 11 horses
Trained today
2. Driving R4 17 horses
Trained today
3. Driving R3 16 horses
Trained today
4. Driving R2 12 horses
Trained today
5. Driving R1 11 horses
Trained today
6. Driving Local 8 horses
Trained today
7. Driving Novice 1 horses
Trained today
Babies 32 horses
Trained today
Retired 1 horses
Not trained today
Riding School Mares 29 horses
Trained today
Riding School Stallions 16 horses
Trained today
Sales 5 horses
Not trained today
Sales Holding Pen 16 horses
Not trained today
Time Vault - Stallions 11 horses
Trained today
z empty 0 horses

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