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"meme queen"

my ev horse: *does absolutely nothing*


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Member Name Bel
Member ID 103307
Account Type Deluxe (96 days left)
Joined July 30, 2016
Last Active 2020-03-27 16:15:18
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Money on Hand $93,557
Money in Bank $1,976,967
Player Level 20
Horses 103 / 140

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Yesterday 20916
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 12040996
Show Winnings
Yesterday $8,444
This Week $0
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All Time $2,866,271

Member Level
Level 20 Experience 924245 (78%) EXP Required 1183864 EXP Left 259619

Bel's Horse Divisions
A) Paints 15 horses
Not trained today
B) Andalusians 2 horses
Not trained today
C) Warmbloods 9 horses
Not trained today
D) Arabians 15 horses
Not trained today
E) Thoroughbreds 3 horses
Not trained today
F) Lollipop Guild 7 horses
Not trained today
G) Babies 15 horses
Not trained today
H) Old Folks Home 15 horses
Not trained today
I) Pasture Ornaments 21 horses
Not trained today
J) Locked LOCKED 1 horses
Not trained today

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