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"Horses with love"

Hey all!

I'm focusing to Andalusians and Quarter Horses - to breed rare colors and high grades. I also have few Gypsies and Lippizaners.

Account Information
Member Name AdamNarhi
Account Type Basic
Joined July 15, 2016
Last Active 2019-02-20 05:19:18
Member Information
Money on Hand $507
Money in Bank $39,808
Player Level 16
Horses 69 / 70

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Player Points
Yesterday 0
This Week 0
This Month 241720
All Time 4769552
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
This Week $0
This Month $63,206
All Time $2,345,032

Member Level
Level 16 Experience 659004 (83%) EXP Required 792504 EXP Left 133500

AdamNarhi's Horse Divisions
Andalusian mares 17 horses
Not trained today
Andalusian stallions 24 horses
Trained today
Gypsy, Lippizzaner, Quarter mares 13 horses
Trained today
Gypsy, Lippizzaner, Quarter stallions 15 horses
Trained today

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