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Holly BlackRaven

"Float like a Arab, sting like a TB"

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Black Raven
Welcome to Black Raven Performance Horses
Here at BRP we have no set breeds that we follow, rather whatever takes our fancy is put into breeding..

BRP prides itself on its hard work, and heritage lines. We pick the best that we can to compliment or enhance our own lines.

Our horses are bred for stats, conformation and colour. All horses are trained and showed daily, unless too young. 

Coming soon new layout, and a website!!
About Me
So hi! I am Black Raven, you can call me Black, Raven, Rave or BlackRaven. I am a middle aged woman who hails originally from England, but now living in Perth, Western Australia on a paint stud farm. 

I have two children, three cats-Evelle, Atusha and Lil Miss, and currently six kittens, I have a dog-Rascal.
I collect model horses, my favourite being Grand Champions, but I have a few Breyers and some other brands too.
Personal Achievements

The Hassler from 100 to 819 (dec)
Totally Blue from 100 to 552(dec)
Crime Scene from 310 to 829(dec)
DC Knight Rider from 380 to 802 (dec)
Bint Ashaarah from 100 to 610 (dec)
Kabir Run from 607 to 1007(dec)
AECH Cuprite from 494 to 812(dec)
Rose Concorde from 102 to 703(dec)
Borderline from 140 to 721(dec)
Texas from 260 to 842 (dec)
Vanilla Rose from 247 to 582(dec)
A Knights Kiss from 100 to 475(dec)

Account Information
Member Name Holly BlackRaven
Account Type Deluxe (394 days left)
Joined June 4, 2016
Last Active 2017-12-12 05:48:05
Member Information
Money on Hand $10,567
Money in Bank $1,633,467
Player Level 22
Horses 395 / 400

Player Points
Yesterday 57150
This Week 113766
This Month 1450946
All Time 15934754
Show Winnings
Yesterday $8,954
This Week $15,409
This Month $242,775
All Time $4,289,554

Member Level
Level 22 Experience 542449 (38%) EXP Required 1408896 EXP Left 866447

Holly BlackRaven's Horse Divisions
Dressage 92 horses
Not trained today
Driving 37 horses
Not trained today
Endurance 40 horses
Not trained today
Golden Oldies 5 horses
Not trained today
New Division 63 horses
Not trained today
New Foals 52 horses
Trained today
Racing 34 horses
Not trained today
Sales 4 horses
Not trained today
Showjumpers 37 horses
Not trained today
Western 31 horses
Not trained today

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