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The Black Cat

"She stood and knew she would"

About TBC

Hello! Im The Black Cat, or TBC for short. I am a 25 year old female. I am disabled, so I am online a lot usually. I live with my boyfriend, we have been together for 3 years. I have four cats, which are pretty much my children with fur. Echosong, Willow, Cinder, and Luna. I also have four horses, which are boarded at a farm down the road. Their names are Dancer (QH), Smokey (QH & Dancers son), Flash (retired TB racer), and Sundance (Paint). I also have a male dachshund named Cowboy. I read A LOT, and I love poetry. I also greatly enjoy horror movies and mystery books. Always up for a chat, so feel free to shoot me a friend request or a message. Blessed be.

TBC Horses I currently am working with QH's, Mustangs, Chincoteagues, and TWHs. I breed for colour, and conformation firstly, then stats. If you are interested in any studs that haven't been put up for public stud yet, or if you are interested in breeding your stud with one of my mares, message me and we can negotiate that for a low price. 

  • Ballad Herd: Endurance Mustangs, names inspired by poetry.
  • 🕉Et'Ada Herd: Show Jumping Chincoteagues, names from Elder Scrolls Lore.
  • Novella Herd: Western QH's, names inspired by characters and titles of books.
  • ☪️Mythos Herd: Racing TWHs, names inspired by myths and legends.

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The Black Cat's Horse Divisions
Ballad FM 30 horses
Trained today
Ballad FS 28 horses
Not trained today
Ballad Mares+ 0 horses
Ballad Stallions+ 0 horses
Ballad Starters 31 horses
Trained today
Et'Ada FM 49 horses
Trained today
Et'Ada FS 40 horses
Trained today
Et'Ada Mares+ 12 horses
Trained today
Et'Ada Stallions+ 19 horses
Trained today
Et'Ada Starters 5 horses
Trained today
Mythos FM 21 horses
Trained today
Mythos FS 20 horses
Trained today
Mythos Mares+ 0 horses
Mythos Stallions+ 0 horses
Mythos Starters 0 horses
Novella FM 20 horses
Trained today
Novella FS 20 horses
Not trained today
Novella Mares+ 0 horses
Novella Stallions+ 0 horses
Novella Starters 9 horses
Trained today
TBC Sales, Studs, and Broods 8 horses
Not trained today
Zombie Fodder 53 horses
Not trained today
Zzzz G2 LOCKED 12 horses
Not trained today

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