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"i like pie,"

welcome B)

yooo, i'm malia, 19 from SoCal. i own two lovely horses, as well as a Bunch of plastic ones. i love music n art, as well as pie ;;u;
.main projects.
- low non-spec, high confo, colored Paints
- low non-spec, high confo, dun & silver Andalusians
- low non-spec, colored Shetlands

.side projects.
- low non-spec, high confo, solid Clydesdales
- new line of colored Dressage QH
- new line of patterned Endurance Appaloosas
- ee Friesians
- low non-spec roan/tobiano DWBs & Trakes
where to find me
chickensmoothie: bedfordblack
howrse: KaY kAy
horse eden: bedfordblack / Briar Ridge Int'l
the love club
tings i love n my bbs

coding by harlequin #108612 // do not steal!!! // BG image @ - [CLICK]

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Member Name bedfordblack
Account Type Deluxe (169 days left)
Joined April 25, 2016
Last Active 2018-12-14 16:26:57
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Money on Hand $10,659
Money in Bank $13,540,889
Player Level 17
Horses 421 / 425

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Yesterday 25488
This Week 20038
This Month 145412
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Show Winnings
Yesterday $9,124
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This Month $72,734
All Time $2,123,699

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Level 17 Experience 543881 (61%) EXP Required 883006 EXP Left 339125

bedfordblack's Horse Divisions
a1. Paints - Class A Mares 31 horses
Not trained today
a2. Paints - Class A Stallions 21 horses
Not trained today
a3. Paints - Class B Mares 33 horses
Not trained today
a4. Paints - Class B Stallions 25 horses
Not trained today
a5. Paints - Foundation 28 horses
Not trained today
b1. Shetlands - Class A {color & confo} 62 horses
Not trained today
b2. Shetlands - Class B 7 horses
Not trained today
c1. Clydesdales - Solid 12 horses
Not trained today
c2. Clydesdales - Sabino 4 horses
Not trained today
d1. Andalusians - Dun & Silver 20 horses
Not trained today
d2. Andalusians - Common Colors 13 horses
Not trained today
e1. QHs - Mares 27 horses
Trained today
e2. QHs - Stallions 23 horses
Trained today
f1. Friesians - ee Project 3 horses
Trained today
g1. Trakehners & Dutch Warmbloods 27 horses
Not trained today
h1. Appaloosas - Mares 31 horses
Trained today
h2. Appaloosas - Stallions 19 horses
Trained today
i1. Miniature Horses 4 horses
Trained today
x. Youngstock 17 horses
Trained today
xx. The Twilight Zone 14 horses
Not trained today

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